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            After service

            Technical support of gas compressor

            1 Technical Service

            1.1 Seller/Manufacturer shall provide supervision for equipment installation per requirement and depute technician to user’s site for supervision and commissioning.

            1.2 The quality warranty time is 12 months after commissioning completion, or 18 months after delivery, per the earlier one.

            Any manufacturing defects will be covered under warranty and the Seller/Manufacturer will ensure immediately action within the stipulated time of warranty for its repair or change of the damaged parts at Seller/Manufacturer’s cost, for which the buyer will furnish enough proof like good quality pictures.

            1.3 In order to ensure equipments normal running and maintenance, Seller/Manufacturer should provide relating technical training, and make user understand and master running and maintenance key points. Seller/Manufacturer should provide detail operation manual in English.

            1.4 our Jiangxi Compressor have more than 15 engineers who can be sent out to abroad for commissioning of our Jiangxi Compressors.

            1.5 Equipments installation and commissioning: The equipments shall be installed by end user, if necessary, seller shall depute technician to site for supervision. Seller undertake China domestic travel charge, buyer shall provide to-and-fro air tickets between China and user’s site, site interpreter, user’s local conveyance, work-relating communication, etc. Besides, buyer should pay USD 100 per person day service charge.

            2 Warranty

            2.1 Quality warranty

            2.1.1 Manufacturer has complete quality warranty system. The equipments supplied have advanced and mature technology, and reliable quality, without defects or mistakes on design, process and material selection, technical documents.

            2.1.2 Seller/Manufacturer provide the following quality documents

            (1) Product certificate

            2.1.3 The equipped parts are per Chinese national technical codes (GB), passed water pressure or pressure test before shipment.

            2.1.4 Ensure technical index of electrical equipment per design requirement.

            2.1.5 The lifetime of Seller/Manufacturer’s equipments is over 20 years; the easy weary parts are excluded.

            3 Test and inspection

            3.1 Manufacturer provide equipments’ relating inspection and performance test.

            3.2 Factory inspection

            Manufacturer shall strictly make inspection and test for each fabrication step. Manufacturer shall provide quality certificate, inspection record and test report as part of quality delivery documents for contract equipments.

            3.2.1 Parts material inspection

            Make mechanical performance test and chemical composition analysis with test report for cylinder, cylinder cap, crank shaft, connection rod, piston, piston rod, crosshead, crosshead pin, etc.

            3.2.2 At least do the following non-defect test

            Crank shaft Magnetic powder
            Connection rod Magnetic powder
            Big end bolt Magnetic powder
            Crosshead pin Magnetic powder
            Piston rod Magnetic powder
            Welding seam X-ray test

            3.2.3 Water pressure and pressure test

            The test pressure for vessels shall be per relating codes(China national code GB).

            3.3 Site performance inspection and test

            3.3.1 The purpose of site performance inspection is to check whether all performance of contract equipments complying with technical requirements.

            3.3.2 The site performance location shall be equipments’ installation site.

            3.3.3 Content, codes and method of performance test: Per Chinese National standard (GB) relating inspection codes and equipments’ technical documents.