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            Pamarox Pvt Ltd (india) visited JY

            On November 18, 2011, two directors from Pamarox Pvt Ltd (india) visited our company to check their 3ZW-2.5/165 non-lubrication nitrogen compressor (the capacity is 150 Nm3/hr, discharge pressure is 16.5Mpa, it is used for bottling).

            After they visiting our factory, both of them agree with our oxygen/nitrogen/hydrogen/argon gas bottling compressors. Now our JY brand oxygen/nitrogen/hydrogen/argon gas bottling compressors are exported to many foreign contries, such as ZW-1/150 non-lubrication oxygen compressor, ZW-1.67/150 non-lubrication oxygen compressor, 3ZW-2.5/165 non-lubrication nitrogen compressor, ZW-3/165 non-lubrication oxygen compressor, all of them are used well.