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            PT. ANDALAS JAYA PERKASA (Indonesia) visited JY

            On August 16, 2015, the boss of PT. ANDALAS JAYA PERKASA Mr. Zhu and his engineer Mr. Guo from Indonesia visited our Jiangxi Gas Compressor Company Limited to know more about our company. Now three sets of LW-22/7-A non-lubrication air compressor and 4 sets of ZW-1.67/150 non-lubrication oxygen compressors were running well.

            After their visiting, they agreed with our company and booked three sets of our JY brand LW-22/7-A non-lubrication air compressors and 1 sets of 2Z-0.8/25 acetylene compressor again. Now dozens of JY brand reciprocating piston compressors are running well in Indonesia.