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            • In 1951: “Ganzhou Machinery Factory” was established by public-private joint management;
            • In 1955: our name was changed into “Ganzhou Machinery Factory”;
            • In 1958: our name was changed into “Gannan General Machinery Factory”; In 1961: Started to manufacture 4L-20/8 air compressor;
            • In 1966: we started to manufacture 2D6.5-6.7/150 high pressure nitrogen hydrogen gas compressor and big volume were supplied to domestic small and medium sized fertilizer factory;
            • In 1969: our name was changed into “Jiangxi Gas Compressor Factory” officially;
            • In 1978: Entrusted by Machinery Industry, we started to manufacture LG31-30/3.5 screw type air compressor officially, then we become pioneer to design and manufacture screw compressor in China. Big volume mine used screw air compressors were widely used;
            • In 1980: L5.5-40/8 air compressor have been obtained Jiangxi Province and Machinery Industry “Quality Trustworthy Product” Certificate;
            • In 1981: Entrusted by Machinery Industry,we started to manufacture oil free series air compressor, also we become pioneer in China. Big volume oil free air and process gas compressors are agreed and used by user;
            • In 1982: 4L-20/8 air compressor have been obtained Machinery Industry “Quality Trustworthy Product” and national “Silver Quality product Certificate”;
            • In 1986: 4L-20/8 little oil lubricated coal gas compressor have been obtained “Provincial Excellent New Product Award”;
            • In 1987: 3L-10/8 air compressor have been obtained national “Silver Quality product Certificate”; L5.5-40/8 air compressor have been obtained Ministry of Machinery Electronics Industry “Quality Product Award”; ZL3.5-20/7 non-foundation air compressor have obtained National Machinery Commission “Quality Product Award”; LGY20/12-23/20 two stages middle pressure screw compressor and ZL5.5-40/7 non-foundation air compressor have been obtained “Provincial Excellent New Product Award”;
            • In 1990: Awarded “National Second Grade Enterprise”;
            • In 1991: Cooperated with Shanghai Compressor Factory to design and manufacture 2D12(III)-100/8 air compressor, after checked by Ministry of Machinery Industry, then big volume to manufacture; meanwhile L, D and M type process gas compressors are widely used too.
            • In 1995: PET blowing special LW-16/40 oil free air compressors which were instead of similar imported production are widely used in JianliBao Group, also it is widely used in PET blowing industry;
            • In 2000: Enterprise restructure successfully, our name have been changed into “Jiangxi Gas Compressor Compressor Company Limited”
            • In 2001: PET blowing special LW-16/40 oil free air compressor was became to national technique important new product item; LW-6/40, LW-16/40 oil free air compressor were obtained Jiangxi Province “Excellent New Product Award”;
            • In 2003: 2Z-0.8/25, 1.34/25, 1.82/25 and their VFD C2H2 compressors were big volume to supply in the market, also we draft the Chinese “reciprocating piston C2H2 compressor” industry standard.
            • In 2010: we moved to new factory, it is located in Economic Development Area, Zhanggong District, Ganzhou City. Also we cooperated with Tuoge (Shanghai) compressor Company Limited to introduce German technology to develop “Short stock, medium and high rotational speed” MW series compressors, also we draft Chinese “PET blowing oil free reciprocating piston air compressor” industry standard.
            • In 2012: we supplied 3 set of 4MW-147/29 oil free CO2 compressor to CNOOC, this kind of CO2 compressor is the biggest capacity in China. Meanwhile Entrusted by SAC/TC145, we draft “Chinese medium pressure CO2 compressor design and production national standard”
            • ……
            • As state owned second grade enterprise, we have manufactured compressor for more than 65 years, we will try our best to do better and better.