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            About Us

            Jiangxi Gas Compressor Company Limited (the former one Jiangxi Gas Compressor Factory was founded in 1951) is a state owned second-grade enterprise and provincial level advanced enterprise, the key enterprise which manufactures compressors, the vice-chairman unit of China's general machinery compressor association.

            JY company reformed enterprise through stock system in 2000, by 2010 it moved to suburb from the center of city, namely the 1st phase technology reformed. The new company is located in Shahe Industrial Park, Zhanggong District, Ganzhou city, the area of 1st phase project is 173,200 square meters with floor space of 92.000 square meters. Now there are 450 employees. The total assets of company is more than ¥300 million, yet JY Company is possessed of more than 800 sets which are in large scale, hi-tech and rare infrequent production processing equipments such as machining centers, digital control machine and digital indicate machine tool. The company is composed of special manufacture factories such as foundry factory, machining factory, pressure vessel factory, assembly factory; also the function departments such as compressor institute, sales department, marketing department, after sale service department, finance department, production department, process equipment department and integrated office.

            “Our mission is to be the lead of the industry and be creative, contribute to a enterprise of a century's standing”, JY brand compressors are widely used in industrial departments such as air separation, deeply cooled, petroleum and chemical, energy saving, mining, metallurgy, coal, glass, construction, project built, food, medicine and etc. now JY brand compressors is not only famous in china, but also its products have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions abroad such as America, Canada, Russia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, middle East and so on.

            Our company mainly design and manufacture reciprocating piston compressors, screw compressors and I、II、 III species pressure containers. The compressors include reciprocating piston type and screw type, now there are M, H, D, L, P, Z, LG, JY and so on series, the basic model 2D12(III)-100/8, L8-60/8, L5.5-40/8, 4L-20/8, ZL3.5-20/7 non foundation, 3L-10/8 type compressors were obtained national silver medal or certificate of ministry & provincial high quality products. More than 800 kinds of JY brand compressors including the capacity: 0.1~600Nm3/min; discharge pressure: 0.1~32.0MPa; driven power: 5.5~5000KW kind of gas compressors. The compressed medium include: air, N2, O2, H2, C2H2, CO2, CO, natural gas, Coal gas, mixed refrigeration gas, oil associated gas and so on. The goal of company is to become one of the biggest large & medium reciprocating piston compressor manufacturers.

            “Customer is the God” is our consistent Aims and Principles. Now our company has set up international trade department, which can quickly and satisfactorily provide before sale, sale and after sale service for old and new customers within abroad. We glad to improve our product quality according to professional standard of the industry and provide good service to reach a win-win situation.